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My name is Gulay Danis and I am the Director of Greenwich Mortgages.

I would like to give a glowing testimonial to Chris Tsappis at CTSTS for all his hard work to enable me to technically go from a one man band to a company that can and have employed staff to grow my business. This means more hardware that can be used by multiple users and enable file sharing.

As a one man band a lap top may be sufficient for your business but as Chris has pointed out to me that if anything was to go wrong with my laptop what happens to the information. Is it lost or do you backup your information on other secure systems daily. It is not unheard of professionals losing all their data because their hardware packed up. Even if it is backed up daily how quickly can you access your information, these are the questions we need to be asking to be sure that we are on top of our game.

Professionals like myself become more and more paperless and we need to be in full control of our data for multiple reasons:
Secure the information from possible hackers who could steal your client information and commit serious fraud.
If the hardware decides not to work for whatever reason you need to have systems in place to enable you to continue with your business without too much disruption or drain on your time.
Even simple things like passwords. Chris taught me not to use obvious words as they are an open door to hackers.
I could go on and give him more brownie points but each of Chris' clients are given the knowledge, back up, hardware that is tailored to the companies needs therefore if you want to know more just speak to Chris.

The biggest asset that chis has is that he is one of the most honest people I have met in my life. I guarantee you that he will give you advice that is relevant for your needs and not to his pocket which is really hard to find as most companies are target driven. Chris is an old fashioned guy who totally respects his customers and has always worked on the belief that if he treats his customers fairly he will automatically get more business. He is not wrong as I would be more than happy to recommend CTSTS to any business. 

Ms Gulay Danis.
Greenwich Mortgages Limited
Registered office: Unit 8,
Hopyard Studios
7 Lovibond Lane
SE10 9FY
Telephone: 0208 858 8700
Mobile: 07739 461 708